Thursday, July 23, 2009

Door to Door transport, or close enough

I had been the high bidder on now "My R51/3" and had is shipped from Kansas to Washington. I will not name the carrier to save the innocent. The pick up went smoothly, mostly as I had no part in it. Waiting on the other end was a task. Days, then a week, where is it?

The day it was scheduled to arrive I took and extra long lunch to receive the bike at home. Door to Door service, made the seller and myself happy. The appointed time came and went. Calls to the dispatch did not reveal any more info as to when. More time, more calls. The final call to the dispatch office and they finally gave me the cell number of the diver.

"Hello, I am waiting here for you to deliver my bike."
“I am right in front of your house”
“No you are not, I'm in front of my house”
“I am right here in front of your yellow house”
“I am right here in front of my brown House”
“33rd street?”
“32nd street”
“I will be right there”

Here he comes pushing the bike around the block. “sign here and here, thanks” and there he goes walking back down the street.

Door to door was what I got, next time I will be more specific on which door.


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