Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Within just a couple months of owning my 1953 R51/3 BMW, I had wanted to make it go faster. But to make a smooth running low capacity touring bike into race bike has always raised the question of "why?" There are some many other bikes that are so much closer to their racing background then the BMW of the 50's and 60's. Yes, BMW won the Isle of Man in 1939, but that was with a super charged Kompressor engine. Yes, the BMW sidecar was unbeatable all the way thru to the 1970;s. But those were overhead cam engines. It is often repeated that it only takes money to get HP. But that kind of money is spent on speciatly parts and skilled mechinest and mechanics to install and tune. Without the deep pockets to buy horsepower I went looking for those items that make the bike look faster. Aftermarket parts made by Ernst Hoske, like mufflers, hubs and tanks. I looked for tachometers, swinging pillions and fairings. My wish list is always changing with things obtained and things added.High on the list have always been Dellorto carbs. SS1 from the 1950's and 60's vintage to be precice. They had always been the carbs pictures on the most succesfull racing bikes of the time. Names such as Ducati, MV Augusa, Gileri, Moto Guzzi and others. The British bikes always had the Amal GP carbs, such on the Gold Star BSA, Nortons and Velocette. BMW had what looked to be Dellortos, but likley Amal Fishers, built under licence from British Amals.
The velocity stack was what always did if for me. Nothing screamed speed more them a set of velocity stacks. Long velocity stacks with no filtration, gulping in air and turning it into great sounds.
Carburators on BMW have a flange to mate up with the head, bolted top and bottom. I had heard of Dellorto made for BMW, SSFF. These were the SS1 carb. But had only heard of a few that had them. In all cases, people were either looking for help tuning them, or had given up in getting them to run. They would either idle, but not run. Or run like stink, but not idle. Either case, they were not user friendly.
The oppertunity presented itself and I jumped on it. The were offered at ebay, and waiting for the last moment, won the bid.
Now the getting them to run might be a new story. They are on the bike, they have gone to Bonneville to see what they can do, but they run.

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